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usd $ 3.99 category: self help, memoir, poetry, health mind and body, psychology title: when silence reigns
subtitle: help yourself through expressive/therapeutic writing

book description:
the author of this book reveals dark secrets and let’s you into her heart and soul as she candidly shares her therapeutic writing journey. writing that gradually reveals details of cumulative traumatic events that began when janie was a small, unwanted child. you will see how her poetry, written by left and right brain communication, gave voice to a silenced child and tells a story like prose could never do.

the author shares her story and therapeutic writing journey in hopes that trauma victims will be helped to heal an injured mind through a therapeutic writing path. the book is a result of eight years of hard work and research on trauma and recovery.

inside you will find writing samples, charts as well as therapeutic poetry that can be used to stimulate expressive/therapeutic writing in yourself or in others. readers will benefit from the real depth of understanding an injured mind and yet enjoy the simplicity of the uncluttered information in janie’s book.

booklets available with writing samples, charts and lesson plans.
a useful tool for teachers and counselors.

"helping tweens and teens through creative/therapeutic writing"
 and "helping yourself through creative/therapeutic writing"

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writing poetry has helped me in recovering from trauma as well as in dealing with
post traumatic stress. therapeutic writing has the power to heal an injured mind.
i know!

listen to the voice of a silenced child
first mine and then perhaps to yours

by janie lancaster
copyright 2006-2011

silence reigns


silent tears call no one

  silent pain alerts no one


crushed broken spirits

 with smiles get no relief

 hidden wounds no band-aids


more silent tears

more silent pain

more hidden wounds

silence reigns


when no one hears their cries

 and there is no response

 does the child continue to cry

i think not


revealing pain elicits



silence brings one to safety


or does it


i know you

i see you
your eyes pleading
your wind-driven soul
your pain

i hear you
your heaving sighs
your constricted voice
your silent cries

i know you
how your tears
fall behind your eyes
how your resilient face
hides pain

that look
that smile
those eyes

i know your soul
beneath that outward glow
how it struggles to breathe

to live
to love

i salute you kindred soul


are you out there



where do you go
when i don't feel you
or see you

are you like the dew
or the morning mist
that disappears
and comes back
at another time

i miss you
will you return

are you still out there



when was the last time
i felt quiet
saw quiet

when was the last time
i felt stillness
saw stillness

can you melt into quiet
into stillness

do they melt into you



who wove this tangled spider web
that wraps itself around my vital organs

who created this monster octopus
with it's cruel arms
that strangle my inside parts
causing so much pain

mommy was it you