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in a not so far-away place, in a not so far-away world, lived a little girl by the name of julie. she is a curious, adventuresome, imaginative child full of surprises and love. she brings life and happiness to her grandma and to a little town in covington, georgia. no, she doesn't do this through magic or by a spell. she does this with her own determination, instinct and passion for her promises hopes and dreams.


in her story you come across a mysterious travel chest, a lost fairy tale, an editor with a squirrel and kindred spirits. you will travel back in time, go to a party and meet me, cordelia grimm, great, great granddaughter of one of the brothers grimm.


i feel that i am the best one to write a synopsis of this story, since i came to life by means of it. you see, the brothers grimm, are not the only ones who can write fairy tales.

read and see for yourself in julie & the lost fairy tale.

pictures & text copyright 2006-2007 janie lancaster
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(pictures in the book are in black and white)

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story excerpts

chapter one

the mysterious travel chest

i heard strange noises from the attic above me. i

gripped the railing to climb the stairs and forced

my feet to take the last few steps to enter my

grandma's dusty old attic. the late afternoon rain

pounded on the roof and the wind made a sound like

howling dogs. my heart thumped and knees wobbled

as a cold chill crawled up my back.

the floor creaked beneath me as i searched for a

light switch, but couldn't find it. a beam of light

flickered through the dusty oval attic window and

revealed scattered discarded objects from the past.

spooky shadows danced throughout the room as cold

winds slipped through cracks in the walls and made

me shiver.

i was always curious about grandma's attic in her

old plantation-style home in covington, georgia, but

never dared go up there. darkness, spider webs and

the musty smell kept me away---until now. grandma

said the noises we heard in the attic were probably

coming from a mama squirrel making a nest for her

babies. i had to see if there were baby squirrels hidden

in the attic. besides, a girl eleven years old shouldn't

be afraid.


pg 15

page 24 & 25


grandma and i stared at the letter.

"do you know what you found?" she said. "you

found a lost fairy tale from the brothers grimm."

i shivered. "oh, grams, do you have them, too?"

"have what, julie?"

"goose bumps." i showed her the blossomed little

red bumps on my arms.

she held up her arm as we looked.

"no goose bumps on yours." i shook my head.

she put one hand over her heart and sighed. "oh,

but i have them here."

i put a hand over my heart and patted my chest.

"goose bumps in here too."

we both giggled.

grandma untied the string around the stack of

papers. "well, let's read this lost fairy tale and see

why it meant so much to cordelia." she adjusted her

glasses. she squinted and mumbled to herself as she

turned the pages.

"what's wrong?" i asked.

"it's written in old german and much of the print

is faded. i'm afraid i can't read it to you now, julie.

it's going to take time to figure this out."

"what? wait? it's been lying in that old travel

chest for fifty years and you're telling me i have to

wait... you can't do that to me, grams. can't you at

least tell me what it's about?"

"julie, you have no patience. it has only been a

short time since you found it---not fifty years. you

can wait."

"can't you just tell me an eensy-weensy bit?"

"well, let's see, miss julie-no-patience." grandma

sighed. then she gave me a glance from the corner of

her eye and scrunched her mouth to one side. she

looked down at the stack of papers.

"the title is princess momalina. let's see, what it's

about. there's a small village and a little girl named

katrianna jonatina breosio." she turned the page. "i

think princess momalina is a doll, but i'm not sure."

grandma rubbed her eyes. "that's all. my eyes are

tired. you'll have to be content for now, julie. let me


i knew it was time for me to scoot. i got up off

grandma's bed and put both my hands over my heart.

"katrianna jonatina breosio," i said as i waltzed

out the door. "don't you just love the way that name

rolls off your tongue? not like my name, julie."

"julie is a lovely name. i was there when your

mother and father named you and it was beautiful to

us," she said. "now scoot."

out the door i went.

in my bedroom that night, i made a promise to

cordelia. i promised her i would get princess momalina

published. i didn't know how, but i would find a way.         

will this delightful story become a movie
or a broadway play?
stay tuned.


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first published as a serial story in the newspapers, "julie & the lost fairy tale" is now compiled into the form of a novel for children and young adults. an original and captivating tale, "julie & the lost fairy tale" follows the relationship between julie, her grandmother, and a mysterious travel chest. highly recommended for community library young adult fiction collections.

in the charles dickens tradition, julie & the lost fairy tale was first printed as a serial story in newspapers.


"the suspense surrounding julie's discovery of the fairy tale--found buried in an old travel chest in her grandmother's attic--takes readers on an eventful and fascinating journey through time." cora niver, nie coordinator for the times herald


 "i love it. it is unique and fascinating and the students will love it too." millie jedrosko, a school teacher in olean, ny (mille tied the story of julie with literacy history, immigration studies and the use of the imagination in fictional writing.)

"the response erie times-news in education received when we published the serial story, julie & the lost fairy tale on our nie extra-extra! read all about it! literacy page was phenomenal. the story was an excellent choice to help us reach our goal of bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world. it helped us foster communication with educators, students and their families and the entire community."
anna mccartney

erie times-news newspaper in education

and literacy projects coordinator



"we eagerly anticipated the serialized stories.  julie & the lost fairy tale was an especially good read, in addition to a fine vehicle for modeling 'showing writing.'  the author's use of descriptive language was outstanding!"
pat gustafson

elementary teacher in north east middle school, erie, pa


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