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write yourself free


when silence reigns

how to break free

by janie lancaster

  1. creative writing was one very important tool in my survival.
    i suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic myofacial pain, complex post traumatic stress and seasonal affective disorder (sad). needless to say i have to fight every day of my life. it's not easy. but the improved quality of life makes it worth the effort. 
    many people ask me where i got the help and support i needed. i would like to share a few important books that were helpful to me.

    *fibromyalgia & chronic myofascial pain (a survival manual) by devin starlanyl and mary ellen copeland 2001 edition new harbinger publications, inc

    *trauma and recovery by judith herman, m.d.
    basic books

    *healing the child within by charles l. whitfield, m. d.
    health communications inc

    *boundaries and relationships by charles l. whitfield, m. d.
    health communications inc the

  2.  i hope this information will be helpful to you or someone you know. it is my heartfelt desire to share what i have learned in my recovery process. my future book when silence reigns should prove to be a powerful motivational tool for those who want to go beyond survival and live a healthier, more productive and happier life.

    janie lancaster 

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  3. new booklet available soon with writing samples, charts and lesson plans.
    a useful tool for teachers and counselors.
    "helping tweens and teens through creative/therapeutic writing"
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    creative writing

    gave voice to a silenced child

    by janie lancaster



    instructor: janie lancaster, survivor of cumulative childhood traumas,  poet, teacher and published children's author. 

    theme:  mrs. lancaster would use her true life experience, charts, samples of her prescriptive poetry and creative writing to demonstrate how to help traumatized victims develop areas on the right side of the brain that have been long dormant. this workshop will renew interest for those who choose to use creative writing as a tool to help trauma victims in their healing process.  from her own extensive research on traumatized children and her personal experience she believes: "a mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original position."

    victims of trauma need to: 

    ·         express their loss

    ·         read about other survivors of similar circumstances (traumas)

    ·         have the creative side of the brain stimulated

    students will take home a variety of handouts and will learn…

    ·        what happens inside the mind of a traumatized child

    ·        what steps are needed in the healing process

    ·        what tools we have readily available to help a trauma victim to heal




    target audience:

    psychology students


    workshop fee:

    ·     half day $450.00 in the san diego area. add travel and expenses for other areas.

    ·        full day $850.00 in the san diego area. add travel and expenses for other areas.



    (prices may depend on distance)


    payable in advance or on site.


    half-day 2.5 hours



autobiographical fiction takes emotional events from your life and fictionalizes them. it is a powerful therapeutic tool that helped strengthen my identity.
  • it helped me to become visible to myself
  • it helped my memories to move from deep within to the surface and to an insightful understanding of my life 
  • it helped me to reflect on my life and deepen my identity
  • it helped me to comprehend the facts of my life and move forward 

    *to see a synopsis of my autobiographiical novel emily out of my mother's darkness