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If you believe in dreams and love fairy tales or you are looking for elementary or middle grade lesson plans and classroom ideas you are in the right place. And if you are interested in therapeutic writing, therapeutic poetry or finding the path to mindfulness to heal an injured mind, you are in the right place, because this diversified author takes her readers through dreams and fairy tales, down to the depths of despair and onto survival.

You will find story synopses, excerpts, teacher’s lesson plans,  therapeutic poetry, expressive writing workshops, seminars and media information. You can even learn how to have a polka dot day with a party pack for ages 5-8. party packs includes fun with literacy, crafts, show and tell, sharing and other party ideas. It includes invitations, a small book, gift bag with stickers, small cards and even a magnifying glass.    click here to contact me for more information

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Feature article by Lauren Jewel

Interview with Ed News

Interview news-journalonline in Daytona Beach Florida

The Secrets of Writing: Interview by Margaret Stewart on Mango Tiger Radio

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